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Trend watch: New Irish dancing hair trends

If you’re in the competitive Irish dancing scene, one of the most fun parts of the majors circuit is seeing people unveil new competition looks – what’s on trend now, who is pushing the envelope, and what look will everyone be copying by the next feis. While it takes a while for dress trends to filter down – you can’t exactly buy a new dress from major to major – it’s easier and more affordable to jump on the trend bandwagon with a fresh hairdo. We asked hair expert Donna from Australian dance vendor Irish Dance Diva to weigh in on what we’re seeing on heads now.

The Short Wig

This trend is being driven by Ciara Loughran (pictured below), who styled a Robyn wig for the 2016 World Championship and cut it into a long bob. In fact, Ciara is such a trendsetter here that Camelia Rose named this brand new short wig after her! “The hottest new look is the Camelia Rose Ciara wig. This variation of their Robyn wig is approx 3″ inches shorter. I love this look as it is clean, modern and perfect for both solo and teams”, explains Donna.

The Double Bun

The higher the hair, the closer to God? Perhaps. we have seen bun wigs get taller and taller over the last year, as dancers have gotten creative in their styling (forget donuts, it’s all about the socks in the wig for extra height). According to Donna, “Another new wig trend is the Camelia Rose Clodagh bun wig. It is the same loose curl as their best selling Alliyah bun wig but double the size. Perfect look for teenagers and older dancers.” The danger with this trend is looking a little too Marge Simpson – proceed with caution when styling it.

The Fabric-Backed Tiara

Everything old is new again! This trend was first popular in the mid 1990s, when dancers would sew a triangle of fabric behind their tiara to match their dress. Cut to 2016 where the tiaras are bigger, but the trend is right back in play. Donna says, “The new look of fabric backed tiara’s has followed the trend from dress makers to supply fabric headpieces to match dancers dresses. Camelia Rose has collaborated with dress makers Rising Star to come up with the clever idea of selling a fabric piece that can be attached to one of their tiara’s.” In the photo we see double backed fabric which pick up the colours of the dancers dress perfectly.

An Accent Piece to the Side

First spotted on Amy-Mae Dolan, this asymmetric look is not for the faint-hearted. While not a tiara and not a flower, it’s an intricate hair piece in the style of a fascinator, placed to the side and often nestled amongst curls. This look definitely works best with an up-do, but is also stunning with the new short wig style. “We have seen lots of gorgeous lace pieces worn to the side of the dancers head. This replaces the need for a tiara and creates a more soft, natural look. Here the dancers have customised side pieces to match their dresses.”

Have you spotted any other new trends? Do you like to experiment with your hair? Share a picture of your new look on our Facebook page.

Check out the Facebook Live video with did with Rosey from Camelia Rose talking about hair trends at NAIDC2016, and the Facebook Live we did with Jason Hays talking dress trends.

For Australian dancers, be sure to check out Irish Dance Diva for all your wig and hair accessory needs.

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  • Angela

    Hi there, I have two very young dancers. I’m hoping that they’ll do their dancing without wigs. Do you see that coming back in trend? Do you have pictures of how non-wig wearing dancers style their hair for competitions? Thanks!

  • Michey

    Will the front poof ever just go away? Irish dance seems to be keeping the 80’s alive and well. I am thankful i have a boy dancer but I am doing this research for fellow discontent moms with their girls approved hair styles. Glad the bouncy ringlets have softened substantially but let’s really look at that front poof realistically. Who sets these trends anyway? I am with the mom, Angela below; natural and classy. Please let it make a come back.