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How to match your hair color to your wig for Irish dance

One of the more unusual aspects of Irish dancing costuming is the wigs. What’s even more unusual is that many dancers will wear a wig that doesn’t match their natural hair color. This is done for myriad reasons, such as a certain color looking better with the color of their costume e.g red hair with a green dress. It could be done to stand out on stage e.g. going platinum blonde instead of regular blonde. It could also be done because some teachers prefer the uniform look of all dancers in the same hair color for team dancing.

Changing the front of your hair to match your wig is not as tricky as it may seem. First of all, from a distance on stage it doesn’t need to match perfectly. Once your hair is styled in the pre-wig stage – your bun is done and your poof/quiff/braid at the front is ready – you simply spray the colored hairspray over the front of the hair, gently avoiding the forehead and ears. Once the spray is dry, put on the wig and hair accessories.

Hot tip: For a more vibrant result, use a white spray as a base, like the Jerome Russell Platinum spray, and then spray the color on top. This works particularly well for creating a red shade.

With thanks to Erin Kouridakis from Not My Reel Hair, and Camelia Rose for partnering with us on this video.



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